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Computer Gaming / Re: FNG™
« Last post by bopdude on 10 February 2018, 03:26: AM »
F/kin faders, 2 men standing ( sitting ) at 03.20, and what about this game, was about to leave PUBG to join 1944 and you all left wtf ?
Computer Gaming / Re: FNG™
« Last post by IMPz on 10 February 2018, 12:13: AM »
Sorry lads for the quick departure computer decided to shutdown for the night
Computer Gaming / Re: Battallion 1944
« Last post by damien c on 09 February 2018, 06:48: PM »
It has also reset the graphics, sounds, game and control settings.
NTHellWorld GameServers and Websites / Re: NTHW Battalion 1944 Game Server
« Last post by damien c on 09 February 2018, 06:45: PM »
The developers have now issued the ability to search and filter the servers.

As such the server name is now: NTHWGaming.co.uk and there is no longer a password on the server.
Computer Gaming / Re: Battallion 1944
« Last post by damien c on 09 February 2018, 06:42: PM »
Patch to download.

Week 1 Update Changelog - Going Live Tomorrow

Added ingame VOIP functionality.
Added function to mute individual players via the social tab after pressing ESC.
Added menu setting to entirely disable VOIP.

Collision fixes to prevent certain overpowered boost spots on competitive maps.
Collision fixes to prevent areas players could get out of the playable area.
Fixed certain spots where players could lean through walls for information.
Fixed certain collision volumes affecting grenade bounces

Server Browser
New Feature: Filter servers by server name, player count, map, mode and ping.
New Feature: Search for servers by name
New Feature: Hide locked servers.

Bug Fixes
Players will no longer ‘fatal error’ to desktop mid game when a player is killed on the same frame a grenade is released from another player’s hand.
Matchmaker Improvements - Players should see less "loading into a game then being taken back to the menu" errors.
Skins can now be seen in community servers.
The launcher now quits immediately after successful launch to save system resources.
Headshot hitboxes now accurately match third person character
We put in a potential fix for the end of match XP/Rank bar to display correctly.

Heavy Weapons Buff

New BAR ADS sight allowing for better visibility and aim potential.
Damage falloff decreased - now takes 3 to 4 bullets to kill instead of 3 to 5.
Decreased time before BAR ammo refills when reloading to allow fast reloading of the BAR.

STG44 can now 1 shot headshot.

This was tagged on before the notes.

Yesterday we were still confirming fixes when we put the update out, we wanted to be 100% sure before we told you. Here are some extra fixes we have made.

Launcher "No Regions" Bug
Along with forcing the launcher to close upon game launch. We have also fixed the "no regions" to select bug.

Kar98k accuracy issue
It was brought to our attention by the community that the Kar98k ironsight was not 100% correct. We readjusted its aim to be pixel perfect to the ironsight.

BAR accuracy ironsight
Members of the community also pointed out that the BAR's accuracy was not in line with the ironsight. Along with the ironsight improvements we announced yesterday, we have also fixed the ray point for the ironsight. Obviously, the BAR is not 100% accurate when spraying, however now: we want to see one taps aplenty.

General Collision Fixes in All Maps
Again, we've been trawling through the maps fixing as many collision issues as possible. We highly anticipate you to find more, just keep reporting them and we will fix them. Thank you to the community for their great work relating to collision issues.

Knifing Fatal Error Crash
There are quite a few Fatal Error crashes, however we've managed to get through a lot of the most common ones.

Hitbox Fixes
Previously there were hitbox issues with the faces. We have now fixed that, internally we have seen a lot more 'heddies'.

Known Issues
There are still crashes and there are still collision issues that we are working towards fixing.
The game will still occasionally Fatal Error when you click 'Exit to Menu'. We are aware of the issue and are working towards a fix.
Computer Gaming / Re: FNG™
« Last post by bopdude on 09 February 2018, 10:02: AM »
Another late FNG, house to myself ish, no boss to say get to bed :D
Computer Gaming / Re: Assassin's Creed Origins
« Last post by damien c on 08 February 2018, 08:14: PM »
It looks like it might be good but oh dear god you need to use a higher bitrate, looks like 2000Kbp/s, for youtube and a game like that you need to be really overkilling the bitrate to get around, youtubes crappy conversion.

I use MP4 as the wrapper with a X264 codec and 50Mbp/s bitrate 60fps, yes it causes the files to be MASSIVE but it's worth it so they are not blocky and pixelated at 1080p.
Computer Gaming / Re: Assassin's Creed Origins
« Last post by Scary on 08 February 2018, 06:20: PM »
The best thing is the city i showing the video is just one and it is massive but the game covers over a 1000 miles and takes to run from one side to the other 3 hours.
Computer Gaming / Re: Assassin's Creed Origins
« Last post by Stormpr00ter on 08 February 2018, 06:16: PM »
'Press "F" to Ram'

Looks like fun  :tu:
Computer Gaming / Re: Assassin's Creed Origins
« Last post by Scary on 08 February 2018, 06:07: PM »
Here is my attempt of being ben hur

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