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NTHellWorld GameServers and Websites / Re: GDPR, NTHW and You
« Last post by Stormpr00ter on Today at 12:47 PM »
The only thing that may be required, is that in the situation where someone leaves the forum, we anonymise any personal information, like "real" name, email address or contact details in their user profile, if they exist, and that person demands we do so.
Anything that has been posted on the threads should be fine, as it would be unreasonable to expect a forum administrator to trawl through all messages to remove any personal information.
General Discussion / Re: Happy Birthday MovedGoalPosts
« Last post by madonion_uk on Today at 12:15 PM »
Belated happy birthday MGP, hope you had a great day!  :bdayballoon:
General Discussion / Re: Happy Birthday Klinsman
« Last post by madonion_uk on Today at 12:14 PM »
Belated happy birthday Klins, hope you had a great day! :)
General Discussion / Re: Happy Birthday Dutchie
« Last post by madonion_uk on Today at 12:14 PM »
Belated happy birthday Dutchie, hope you had a fabulous day!
Tech Zone / Re: Win 10 update nightmare
« Last post by damien c on Today at 06:15 AM »
Trust me you would be best doing a fresh install using the latest build of Windows 10.

Then turn off all the "Talk Back" stuff and download the Spybot Anti-Beacon and run it.

Make sure though to download ethernet drivers before and put them on a pen drive and disconnect your other hard drives, because even though it should put the boot manager on the correct drive, I saw with mine it put it on the wrong drive and had to do another install 2 days later because the boot manager was on the wrong drive and couldn't switch it.

Bop if you want I am off work next week, so I can take a trip to you with this cooler and come help get your pc running nicely, just let me know or if you want you can come here :)
Call Of Duty / Re: COD BO4
« Last post by damien c on Today at 06:10 AM »
If it's full of Micro Transactions like WW2 is, then I won't be buying it.

WW2 for me was ruined by the fact that you could buy "Loot Crates" that gave you items that affected gameplay from weapons to double weapon xp etc.

I don't agree with that type of stuff being sold, what I do agree with is the cosmetic stuff likes skin's etc but not gameplay altering stuff, because then they are just saying to people who don't have a lot of money to spend on them, "well your poor so you cannot have the complete game, comeback when you have money for the full game"
Battlefield / Re: Battlefield V
« Last post by damien c on Today at 06:06 AM »
Already made my mind up, not touching it with a 10 foot barge pole!

The funniest comment I saw on the trailer though was "Welcome To Loot Crate V" and considering I have heard from someone on Discord who is a game developer currently working on something, which will be published by EA that the game will cost £40 - £90 and they expect to make between £250 - £400 of everyone with all the Micro Transactions, and have hired a team specifically with the sole intent, of adding Micro Transactions in a way that won't be considered gambling, it just show's that they are not interested in selling a complete game and would rather nickle and dime you for it.

Screw EA and there utter nonsensical bullshit of treating games and content like a whore!
General Discussion / Re: Happy Birthday Klinsman
« Last post by Klinsman on Today at 01:00 AM »
Thanks chaps,game of golf and a curry was the order of the day.
Battlefield / Re: Battlefield V
« Last post by Klinsman on Today at 12:59 AM »
Its very green.......
Battlefield / Re: Battlefield V
« Last post by MovedGoalPosts on Yesterday at 10:16 PM »
I hope there is a beta (in EA terms its not a beta, more a marketing test) that will give us an idea of how it plays.  I really hope there is something soon that we as a clan can get behind.

I think we hae probably gone past caring about how they do servers.  It would be nice to have control again, but so many have played PUBG and other games for so long now that servers are proven not to be the important bit.  Rather icing on the cake.  So it will come down to game play.

So will BF V be playable for a majority of us?  Will we have to turn off graphics settings just to see the opposition?  Will you need to be teamed up with multiple players to be able to operate vehicles or planes effectively - a co pilot is one thing but some BF1 vehicles needed 5 players, and that was silly?  Have they avoided silly kill streak perks?    Will they ruin simple WWII weaponry with unrealistic sights, range and accuracy?

PS Scary is now on ignore.
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