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Computer Gaming / Re: The Going On Thread
« Last post by Ramrod on 25 October 2017, 07:41: PM »
On in a while. just got to drive Alex and his girls to a party in Ightham in a while.
Computer Gaming / Re: PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds
« Last post by bopdude on 25 October 2017, 12:15: AM »
- Blue zone DOT (Damage over Time) increases the farther away from the play zone you are
- This does not apply to the first blue zone

It's a good thing, the blue zone campers will have to have a BIG rethink ;)

That said, we'll need to watch better ourselves ;D
Tech Zone / Re: TruePlay - Windows 10 Anticheat
« Last post by bopdude on 24 October 2017, 05:01: PM »
Very much Big Brother, as you say, almost anything anti-cheat would be welcome, almost. I think it's a step to far, who's to say it isn't sending other stuff back, if it can be turned off it will be on my machine.
Tech Zone / TruePlay - Windows 10 Anticheat
« Last post by MovedGoalPosts on 24 October 2017, 04:01: PM »
Apparently in the Fall Creator's update Microsoft have added an anticheat feature, TruePlay.

Quote from: Microsoft
A game enrolled in TruePlay will run in a protected process, which mitigates a class of common attacks. Additionally, a Windows service will monitor gaming sessions for behaviors and manipulations that are common in cheating scenarios. These data will be collected, and alerts will be generated only when cheating behavior appears to be occurring. To ensure and protect customer privacy while preventing false positives, these data are only shared with developers after processing has determined cheating is likely to have occurred.
Microsoft Dev Centre

It is intended for games in the Microsoft Store.

Most of us hate cheaters, so any measures that can cause them difficulties, without impacting genuine users, has to be welcomed.

But is this a bit big brother of Microsoft, and with such stuff implemented, could it be misused and for what other purposes could stuff be logged?  We already know Windows 10 "phones home" with a lot of stuff telling Microsoft about our use of the PC (but then google has wrapped it's way round the internet so probably knows more about our browsing habits than we do), so privacy has probably gone the way of the dodo on computing.
Computer Gaming / Re: MNG™
« Last post by bopdude on 23 October 2017, 08:08: PM »
Whoop :D
Computer Gaming / Re: MNG™
« Last post by IMPz on 23 October 2017, 08:05: PM »
me 3 - give me 10 mins
Computer Gaming / Re: MNG™
« Last post by bopdude on 23 October 2017, 07:56: PM »
Good, hurry up lmao
Computer Gaming / Re: MNG™
« Last post by Ramrod on 23 October 2017, 07:54: PM »
Me too. Just need to get my jammies on and eat something  :)
Computer Gaming / Re: MNG™
« Last post by bopdude on 23 October 2017, 02:48: PM »
On tonight :)
General Discussion / Re: Happy Thought of the Day: The Next Generation.
« Last post by Stormpr00ter on 23 October 2017, 07:59: AM »
And the end of an era, left this role for the last time today, onto HQ now to cause more mayhem and mischeif

Good luck with your future role & career Gottu!  :tu:
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