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For the first time many of us can recall [NTHW] is not operating a game server  :'(

Our Battlefield 4 server was inactive, having only been played upon once in the last three months.  With such lack of use there was no justification to keep it going.  The clan has moved on from BF4, even though when we did play a few days ago it seems quite a few were enjoying themselves.

Battlefield 1, as the successor game, has yet to catch the imagination of many of the clan.  Worse is the implementation of server controls by EA/DICE has been appalling.  We are at a loss to understand what has gone so wrong.  Only now are the most basic of options likely to be enabled like multi admin support and a moderate player count to start the server off (how a clan of our size was ever expected to populate servers with a minimum 20 players to get the game started is beyond us).

Perhaps Batallion 1944 will be our future?  Even Call of Duty is to revisit WWII, but their server implementation hasn't been suited to us for a long while, whilst the perk based game play has become frustrating for many at best.

NTHW has the funds in place to operate servers.  It would just be nice to have something worth spending it on.

A sad day :(

Maybe we put too many eggs in 1 basket, while the larger clans have the good fortune of multi game multi servers we are as said, a small clan, it's not financially viable for many to spend hundreds of pounds each year to have the luxury of 3,4 5 or 6 current games in our library ready to play at a whim :(

I look forward to the next game to bring our numbers and servers back :)


--- Quote from: bopdude on 01 May 2017, 06:36: PM ---I look forward to the next game to bring our numbers and servers back :)

--- End quote ---
Amen to that  :tu:

I can get Days of War installed ready to show at the LAN, I know MGP has this too (and Rammy?). I am more than happy for folks to commandeer my machine to have a go of it and try it out.

Unfortunately, Batallion 1944 is not in Alpha until May 24th at the earliest, so won't be able to show that...

I have a strong feeling that the next clan game is likely to be WWII based as it seems nothing much else is in development at the moment - at least not of the style most clanners enjoy. The new CoD is unlikely to be suitable (both on server architecture and gameplay), the new Star Wars game looks good (gameplay-wise it is far too early to tell), but again, without proper server support it is not going to appeal.

Nice to see my views on perks being adopted by more lol


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