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Author Topic: New PC required  (Read 1498 times)

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Re: New PC required
« Reply #20 on: 20 August 2017, 10:48: AM »
Having just looked on Overclockers there options are coming in at around £200 more than Scan for basically the same system just a different power supply and case.

So I would look at the 3XS systems from Scan, then the Overclocked Gaming Systems, find the 3XS Performance GTX system starting price £1388

Then make the following changes, based of I believe you will probably use your existing hdd's/ssd and copy of windows.

Change Cooler to 3XS Custom Corsair H100 with dual SP120 LED fans

Change GPU to 8GB EVGA GTX 1080 SC ACX 3.0 V2, 1708MHz GPU, 2560 Cores, 10000MHz GDDR5X - GeForce GTX VR Ready

Change PSU to 650W Corsair RMx, Modular, Silent, 80PLUS Gold - Single GPU
Untick SSD/HDD, Wi-Fi card and Windows

Total Price £1495 inc del

Thanks Damien, giving it some serious consideration, will hopefully catch you on TS this week sometime, before I press the button

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Re: New PC required
« Reply #21 on: 20 August 2017, 11:03: AM »
in gameplay the FPS is between 35 -45

WOW, that's good for an older set up, isn't it ?

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Re: New PC required
« Reply #22 on: 20 August 2017, 01:08: PM »
I've no idea  :)

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Re: New PC required
« Reply #23 on: 22 August 2017, 11:40: PM »
How about this specification?

Case:- Black with Red Trim and Window

Motherboard:- Asus ROG Strix B250F Gaming

CPU:- Intel Core i7 7700K, Kaby Lake, Quad Core with Hyperthreading, 4.2GHz, 4.5GHz Turbo

CPU Cooler:- 3XS Custom Corsair H100 with dual SP120 LED fans

Memory:- 16GB (2x8GB) Corsair Vengeance LED 3000MHz

GPU:- 8GB EVGA GTX 1070 SC ACX 3.0 Black V2 - 1594MHz GPU, 1920 Cores, 8000MHz GDDR5 - GeForce GTX VR Ready
Worth the £30 to get it Overclocked??

Power Supply Unit:- 550W Corsair VS, 80PLUS - Single GPU

Storage - Solid State Drives - SATA500GB Samsung 850 EVO, Read 540MB/s, Write 520MB/s, 98K IOPS

2nd HHD from old PC

Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-bit

3 Year Warranty - 1st Year Onsite, 2nd & 3rd Year Return to Base (Parts & Labour).

Sorry but I can't justify to myself a 1080 when I only have 2 1920 x 1080 monitors  so I would plump for a 1070

Total cost £1490.04

Thoughts please



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Re: New PC required
« Reply #24 on: 23 August 2017, 12:01: AM »
In your first post you said 1440p monitors, now they are only 1080p :confused:  But yes if you are only at that lower resolution the 1070 will be very nice, just doesn't give you much headroom if you might one day want to move up a bit.

Often the GPUs that are manufacturer overclocked are better than the reference cards as they have better cooling fans.  So in most circumstances they will be quieter.  But based on the Scan website, there seem to be so many versions that have very similar specs and wildly different prices that I haven't a clue :(

The 550W PSU is OK but again leaves you very little headroom.  Most PSUs don't do too well if you push them close to their power level so if you could get 650W+ gold rating + that would be nicer.
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Re: New PC required
« Reply #25 on: 25 August 2017, 05:15: PM »
If the £30 is for overclocking the graphics card, then don't bother since they only overclock at most about 100Mhz more since the GPU Boost built in to them will push them close to the max anyway, and you won't get much improvement for 100mhz really.

If it's for the CPU and GPU, then again I wouldn't because the Intel CPU's run stupidly hot, and basically unless you have an ambient room temp of around 15c to 20c then you will get thermal throttling making the overclock pointless.

Other than that it's not to bad although you would want a Z270 board instead of a B250, to get the full potential from the chip iirc.