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Author Topic: Battlefield 4 comes to NTHWgaming  (Read 1248 times)

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Battlefield 4 comes to NTHWgaming
« on: 03 November 2013, 04:55: PM »
NTHellWorld are now running Battlefield 4 Servers  :hurrah:

We've set up a 20 slot server, running Team Death Match.  We've also grabbed a 64 slot plus commander slot server to run the Conquest Maps.  Our experience from Battlefield 3 says these are the game types that the clan enjoys most.  Once the initial excitement calms down we may look at alternative settings.

Our servers will be in hardcore mode and have Procon adminstration.  There are a number of configurations to get right, and at launch a number of functions that should be available don't work properly.  Even today we see DICE are rolling our server patch 5, effectively one a day!

Initially NTHW were not going to get BF4 servers.  Too few of the clan were buying the game.  Friday's launch changed all that. Excitement and a rash of purchases saw a clamour for servers.

We are renting from Fragnet, with our servers hosted in their London location.  It remains a shame that our preferred host, Gaming Deluxe, were not awarded rights to run BF4.